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It’s getting warmer. That usually means winter is about to be put in the rear-view mirror. For some, that’s a time of celebration. But for others, that means it’s about to get hot and gross and miserable. I’m of the latter, in case you wanted to know. However, summer can certainly bring some enjoyment. Every year, the speedrunning organization Games Done Quick hosts two major shows: one at the beginning of the year, and another during the summer. Starting July 4, Summer Games Done Quick returns, and it’ll be online once more.

Generally, GDQ’s shows have been live, in-person events broadcast via Twitch. However, due to the pandemic and the related issues, the company is sticking to an online-only show for SGDQ. Its last live event was in January 2020, some months before the lockdown. Summer Games Done Quick 2020 took place in August, showcasing more than 100 games and earning $2.3 million USD for charity. It was an impressive feat to bring the incredibly popular show online. There were some technical issues, of course. But a GDQ without some kind of tech problem just wouldn’t be the same.


This year, Summer Games Done Quick goes online a month earlier. It runs from July 4 to July 11, and will likely once more be raising money to support the relief organization Doctors Without Borders.

Summer Games Done Quick Sgdq Online July 2

Credit: Games Done Quick.

Submissions are opening soon

It’s too early for all the details on this year’s SGDQ. The organization will reveal more, such as the charity beneficiary and schedule with the list of games, within the next few months or so.

However, the company will start taking submissions for speedruns starting tomorrow. Generally, runners submit one or several games they’d like to showcase along with a video. GQD shuffles through these and chooses which runners and games to bring on board. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to submit your runs at the GDQ website beginning at 11:59 PM ET. You have until April 11 to get your runs in.

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