Sunset Tv: Introducing The Amp System

Insomniac Games has introduced a web show to reveal new details for Sunset Overdrive on a weekly basis. Introducing Sunset TV.

On this week’s Sunset TV, we are introduced to the amp system, which serve as the power-up system for the game’s combat system. You can equip one amp for your character and four for your weapon.

These are the types of amps you can equip on your character:

  1. vanity – these are purely aesthetic
  2. character amps – these add to your character abilities
  3. melee amps – these add variations to your melee attacks
  4. epic amps – these seem to go all over the place. An example is a grinding amp that causes damage around the area you grind.

    Amps are earned by creating recipes, so yeah, there’s a crafting system. Amps are progressively harder to unlock, but you open up more of them as you level up, until you’re at Overdrive level, where you go full OP.

    You can watch the full video and see amps in action (as well as take a peek at the HUD) below.

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