Shameful scenes of box violence.

I think we were too late to talk about Super Hot when it was making a big ol’ DIGITAL SPLASH, but since we like to keep up with all the trendy people here’s word of the 7dfps entry appearing on Steam’s Greenlight. That means you can now vote for it if you want to see the time-bending FPS title available for purchase on Steam. I mean, that’s how it’s supposed to work. The mechanics of Greenlight are a little oblique though.

If you’ve not encountered Super Hot before, the best way to find out what the deal is would probably be to play the demo. It’s right here. You’ll need some sort of Unity plug-in as that is the engine it uses. Otherwise, you’re good to go. Remember the basic rule: time only moves when you do. Here’s basic rule number two: shoot dudes. Tim tells me it’s well worth playing through right until the end as it “goes a bit weird.” I’ll be doing that shortly once I’ve finished writing these next few sentences.

Super Hot or Super Not? Probably Super Hot, to be honest.

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