Super Mega Baseball 3 Announcement Trailer April Release

Super Mega Baseball is back for its third inning next month with the launch of Super Mega Baseball 3. Featuring cross-platform play, vastly refined graphics, and a variety of game modes, Super Mega Baseball 3 is lining up to be a home run.

Check out the bat-breaking, player taunting announcement trailer below. It’ll give you a look at the range of new stadiums, plus some thoroughly entertaining player and team content.

Step up to the plate

Super Mega Baseball 3 gives players the deepest on-field simulation yet, with easy-to-learn gameplay that scales from little league level to super mega levels of difficulty. New mechanics will allow you to steal bases, throw wild pitches, strategically pass balls, use designated hitters, and take advantage of situational player traits.

Play ball in the 14 richly detailed baseball stadiums. Each one features distinctive sounds, as well as unique day, night, and alternate lighting conditions. You can also take to the field in the all-new Franchise Mode. This mode will have you try to guide your team to greatness over multiple seasons. You’ll need to manage player development, aging, retirement, and contracts in your bid to be the best.

There’s also an online cross-platform Pennant Race mode where you can attempt to win pennants and climb to higher divisions. You can enjoy this mode without even purchasing Super Mega Baseball 3 thanks to the unlimited free demo.

“This is the most well-rounded experience we’ve put together yet with a lot of content and a good variety of modes that cover single-player and online gameplay,” said Metalhead Software co-founder Scott Drader.

Best of all, we’ve been assured that you’ll still be able to hit batters and knockout pitchers. Like so:

Super Mega Baseball 3 is arriving on PC via Steam sometime in April. Exactly when is unknown. But we do know it will cost $44.99 and no more. Drader assured players one purchase will get the complete package and there will be no in-game micro-transactions.

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