Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition box art uncovered

Here’s how you fit a stupidly long title onto your box…
When it comes down to it, I’m still just a little kid at heart. Any new info that comes along regarding a game that I’m interested in and I consume it in an instant, no matter what it is. 
That’s the case here with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I know it’s just box art but, it’s Street Fighter box art. I love me some Street Fighter. 
*Click the thumbnail above to see the PEGI box in full.
As Street Fighter box art goes, it’s not a bad effort. Bison is looking menacing as the overseer of evil at the top, with the never-ending battle between Ryu and Akuma referenced in full force in the centre (Akuma’s hair looking suitably ‘blocky’, nice). The nod towards evil Ryu next to Bison is a nice touch also.
However, and despite Chun-Li, the best feature has to be the inclusion of Street Fighter III’s Yun and Yang at the foot of the box. Even though I could never master them to the same extent as Ken, Blanka or new-girl Crimson Viper, they look cool and that’s enough for me. That should be enough be any Street Fighter fan.