Super Street Fighter IV has, apparently, been revealed.We say apparently because this is a leak prior to tomorrow’s announcement, which we assume is for this very game.The source is apparently JV247, a French website, which claims an anonymous source revealed a couple of facts about the game – namely, that two of the new characters for the game are T.Hawk and Juri, the former a veteran of Super Street Fighter II, and the latter seemingly new.We imagine we’ll have more details tomorrow, but JV247 does note that it’s unconfirmed as to whether this will be a new, seperate game, or whether it will be DLC. Or both. Or neither. Or, in fact, what systems it’ll be coming to.Check out the few screenshots we have of Juri and T. Hawk below, and come back tomorrow for everything we can dig up. While you’re at it, go re-read our Street Fighter IV review again.

    Paul Younger
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