Nominated for several awards, Ephemerid will be available for iPad

SuperChop Games today announced Ephemerid, the musical adventure game nominated for several awards will launch on the App Store worldwide in June. Ephemerid is a musical adventure game about insects, bugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, where a mayfly seeks its destiny against a backdrop of a serene, hand cut paper world. Ephemerid is a touching, fleeting story of meaningful beauty. The heart of the game is the original soundtrack, beautifully produced with the intent to transport players into a dreamlike adventure.

SuperChop Games’ vision is to produce a singular experience. Every mechanic of the game from theme to tracks is deliberately designed to embrace and synthesize with the music. Each scene in Ephemerid has taken the two-man team months to create from animating each piece of paper to eliminating all instructions in order to achieve a highly intuitive design. The result is an extraordinary, hypnotic interactive adventure, an experience not unlike an interactive music album.

SuperChop Games believes touchscreen devices offer a unique opportunity for developers to create tactile game experiences that have a long-lasting emotional impact.

“Matt and I wanted to make a game that honors how music can connect you to a game in a unique way.” said Brent Calhoun from SuperChop Games. “We tried to design a game that pulls you into the flow of the music and not do anything to pull you out of that zone. We wanted to create a game that anyone can lean back and savor in one sitting.”

Ephemerid has been nominated for several awards including:

  • BIG Festival Finalist – Best Sound Category 2014
  • SXSW Gamers Voice Award Finalist 2014
  • IndieCade 2013 Finalist
  • Captivate 2013 Finalist

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