A third patch has been released today for ultra-slow-motion shooter SUPERHOT, adding a toggle that may aid performance on some lower end PC hardware. The new option allows you to lock the physics frame-rate to 60.

    According to the development team, this “improves gameplay fluidity on certain hardware configurations but can introduce unexpected behaviour”. For that reason it’s off by default, but they recommend giving it a try if you’re running into game speed issues.

    Here’s the rest of what’s included in the SUPERHOT patch:

    • added option to lock physics framerate to 60fps (improves gameplay fluency on some machines).
    • fixed collision issues on ‘Bridge’, ‘Train’ and ‘Serv’ levels.
    • rebaked lighting on certain levels to get rid of green spots.
    • proper saving of challenge progress.
    • small challenges flow bugfixes.
    • fixed crosshair staying on screen after running ‘diy.exe’.
    Peter Parrish

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