A second patch for SUPERHOT has been issued through Steam today, including a number of fixes for the well-received shooter. The full changelist can be read below.

    • upgraded KILLSTAGRAM clips quality.
    • a bunch of achievements related fixes.
    • fixed malfunctioning weapons when picking them right after [REDACTED].
    • fixed game logic bugs in [REDACTED] challenge.
    • fixed various random crashes in Mac/Linux versions.
    • fixed occasionally missing sounds issue.
    • fixed occasional progress loss in Challenges.
    • fixed bunch of minor game logic issues.
    • fixed another issue with performance degrading on a high-end PCs in selected cases.
    • fixed v-sync halving framerate in selected cases.

    Performance in the Unity-based title had proved to be an issue for some players, so this patch hopefully goes some way to addressing that.

    A few of the comments beneath the patch release suggest SUPERHOT now feels “faster” (to the point where they don’t appreciate it). I’ve just given it a try and it feels the same as when I reviewed it, so I’m not too sure what’s going on there.

    Peter Parrish

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