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Danish publisher Nordisk Games has fully acquired Supermassive Games, the latter company announced today. The acquisition fully puts the UK-based studio, known for Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and, recently, The Quarry under its umbrella. Last year, Nordisk took a 30.7% stake in the company but has since decided to put a ring around it.

According to Supermassive CEO Pete Samuels, the acquisition “wasn’t a difficult decision.” Samuels states that the relationship between the two companies has been supportive, as they share similar “important values” with the Nordisk CEO Mikkel Weider.


“We have an exciting and ambitious growth strategy for Supermassive Games and Nordisk Games ownership only enhances that,” Samuels wrote in the announcement. “I’m hugely excited about where the security offered by this partnership, and continued access to the expertise within Nordisk Games, will take us next.”

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Supermassive is not the only studio Nordisk has a stake in. It’s joined by Avalanche Studios, Raw Fury, Flashbulb Games, MercurySteam, and others. It’s quite the stable of talented and well-known companies. Raw Fury has made a name for itself as an indie game publisher. And MercurySteam recently made waves with the highly regarded Metroid: Dread. The parent company of Nordisk Games is Nordisk Film. Founded in 1906, it’s one of the oldest movie studios in the world.

Supermassive Games has been a major player in the realm of horror. Until Dawn was a breakout hit for the team, and it carried the momentum to The Dark Pictures Anthology — a series of horror games. Its recent release was The Quarry, which returned the developer’s teen horror roots. The next game for Supermassive is The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, which is slated for a fall launch. It follows a TV crew, which explores a replication of H. H. Holmes’ Murder Castle. Sounds like a good time to me.

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