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If you ever wanted to play an open-world survival game that takes place in a fantasy setting, you may want to keep tabs on Frozen Flame. Developed by Dreamside Interactive and published by Ravenage Publishing, Frozen Flame sees players exploring a beautiful yet hostile world filled with mythical dragons. Frozen Flame drops onto Steam Early Access this fall, so those who find the premise interesting can soon give it a whirl. But if you want to learn more about the game before doing so, a gameplay trailer will air during the PC Gaming Show on June 12 at 3:30 PM ET.

According to a press release, Frozen Flame utilizes the Unreal Engine to provide a procedurally generated fantasy world. This mysterious realm “now beckons for souls capable of harnessing the power of the dragons’ magic” due to some sort of curse. Players will have to gain power and recruit allies to breach the Ice Citadel, a dangerous location that houses the Faceless and infects the world with rot.


Explore carefully

The press release specifically states that the developers aimed to cater to “those who love to explore.” Frozen Flame’s world features plenty of attractive vistas and mysterious ruins to immerse yourself in, but thanks to the myriad monsters dotting the place, it also boasts quite a few challenges to overcome. Players can conquer these challenges by taking advantage of a robust, open-ended progression system. Additionally, you can make enemy encounters that little bit easier by teaming up friends and strangers either locally or online.

Sergey Korolev, the founder of Dreamside Interactive, stated that the development of Frozen Flame has lasted nearly five years. And judging by the upcoming Early Access release of Frozen Flame, that already lengthy amount of development time will be extended before the game is fully completed. Here’s hoping that the Early Access release truly reflects five years of work.

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