How to swap your Titanfall Xbox One beta key for a Titanfall PC one

Propel yourself towards a PC Titanfall beta key.

By the sounds of it, some people who signed up for the PC beta of Titanfall are receiving Xbox One keys by mistake. That’s not an ideal state of affairs, especially if you don’t even have an Xbox One. Luckily, EA has a bit of a work-around in place.

If you got the wrong type of Titanfall beta key, they recommend you try this:

  1. On EA Help – Search for Titanfall and select Contact Us.
  2. Select PC as the Platform, and click Next
  3. Select the Topic – Demo/Beta and type in Eligibility Issue in the subject line, and click Next
  4. Click on Email Me.
  5. On the next screen, when asking for What type of Demo/Beta issue you are having, select Eligibility
  6. Enter the Titanfall Beta code that is not working as the description of the problem.
  7. Select Submit.
  8. You will receive a new PC code within the next two hours.

Hopefully that’ll work, and you’ll soon be able to mess around with anti-aliasing settings and PC resolutions to your heart’s content.

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