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Farming resources and materials in the wilderness

Okay, so you want to start looking for stuff in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris‘ zones. That makes sense given that the game has multiple areas to explore. Heck, one thing you might notice is that the game’s maps even show “hunting grounds” which sound perfect for farming, right?

Well, no, not quite. In many cases, hunting grounds don’t really offer you a lot of the items you might want. For instance, the hunting grounds in the northern section of Lodend Mountains only have a couple of herbs and a few bees.

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Where you should go, however, is towards the southeastern section of the zone in what’s called the Claocus Mines. This is where you can also find a golden treasure chest and an elite that’s required to summon a Divine Beast known as Flashfang the Ancient.

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I digress. The point is that this area isn’t even marked as a hunting ground, and yet it’s got several minerals like Yellowstone, Iron Ore, and Snowsilver.

Note: Just be sure to watch out for mobs. Aggroing enemies in an area prevents you from picking up items on the ground or opening chests.

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Quick and fast traveling

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris lets you consistently farm resource nodes on the ground as long as you leave a zone and fast travel back. That’s why locations that have a lot of items next to a savepoint tend to have a higher priority. For instance, one of my favorite zones happens to be Sarole Mountains in Eastavarieth. You only reach this place during Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris‘ fifth chapter, but it’s a playground for farmers.

First, there’s the limestone farming location courtesy of YouTuber Murad Zero:

There were also some other decent spots I found such as the grove where you can fight a Divine Beast known as Bloomcrown the Temptress. It’s got a lot of Red Dye Flower resource nodes.

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Below, you’ll see a map of some quick material farming spots in Sarole Mountains:

Sao Al Crfar 5

These items don’t necessarily sell for a lot of gold, but they become useful for cooking, making herbs, or creating dyes. Combined with Limestone, you can quickly turn your characters’ clothing red for that cosmetic effect (more on this mechanic later).

As for money, I mentioned farming Wildrose, but there’s just one reliable spot in the game that lets you do that. You can only start doing this once you have access to Warmia Greenbelt and you’d have to run a bit to get there. But, it’s 1,500 gold per Wildrose, and that kind of money’s hard to come by in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris‘ early game. You can learn more about this in our beginner’s guide.

Note: If you’re on PC, make sure you check some quick fixes to improve loading times since you’re fast traveling between zones. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how that’d get fixed for console players outside of the upcoming patch.

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Divine Beasts and elites

Another means of farming items, especially some high-end resources, is by killing Divine Beasts and elites. These mobs, especially elites, tend to respawn after several days have passed in-game. You’ll notice that they’re back if their particular icons are visible again.

Note: We discuss this content in detail in our Divine Beasts and Monoliths mega guide.

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Several elites also tend to be around the same level as your characters (well, assuming you’ve been power-leveling before or during the endgame), so you shouldn’t have a hard time taking them out. Once defeated, these elites drop a lot of resources and gold. In fact, once you hit your stride, you won’t need to farm Wildrose anymore since the elites will be giving you all the money (and materials) that you need.

The idea is to combine the knowledge you’ve gained from the aforementioned lists and then apply that in-game. If ever you’re stuck when it comes to a particular drop, consult the lists, and then head to that zone or defeat the specific enemy. Next up, let’s talk about the crafting mechanics in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris.

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