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Great Mound Road: The Durian Fruit

The Great Mound Road is one of the most badass-looking areas in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris. It’s got those Mordor vibes, minus the Mouth of Sauron appearing to say hello.

Sao Al Bt Rs 2a

Anyway, the quest marker for Back to Rest is active, so follow it around the winding mountain pass.

Sao Al Bt Rs 2b

You’ll eventually get a cutscene telling you that a stone dragon is sleeping, and you need the durian fruit’s stinky smell to wake it up. As a Filipino, I’m deeply insulted since we love durian. But, we use our mobile phone’s alarm to wake us up, not fruit, darn it!

Sao Al Bt Rs 2c

The durian fruit’s location is all the way to the northeast.

Sao Al Bt Rs 2d

Head through the “Mordor Gate” and follow the craggy pathways going northeast until you reach a clearing.

Sao Al Bt Rs 2e

The durian fruit is here. Much like the Golden Shoot, it’s also just a regular “consumable/resource” icon.

Sao Al Bt Rs 2f

Fast travel back to a spot that’s closer to the stone dragon and make sure to save.

Boss fight: Rockwing the Silentious

Head back to the sleeping stone dragon’s area and watch the cutscene. You’ll now have a boss fight against Rockwing the Silentious.

Note: I believe this boss can be skipped if you go behind it and run away, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Sao Al Bt Rs 2g

This beast has a couple of special attacks: a flame breath that’ll damage everyone in a frontal cone, and flame explosions that’ll chase down a target (seen below). If the boss targets one of your companions, they’re as good as dead since the AI wouldn’t bother moving away from that deadly spot.

Sao Al Bt Rs 2h

Try to use multiple sword skills and create those chain bursts. Don’t forget to use your Arts (ie. Finish/Ally/Super Arts) whenever Rockwing reaches a “downed” status to annihilate it.

Sao Al Bt Rs 2i

Once you’re done, head to the exit to reach Treitis Pass. This is where we’ll need to look for a lost necklace and a fishing pole.

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