Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris – Wesderath Treasure Chests (Mildea Plains and more)

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Wesderath Golden Treasure Chests Mildea Plains Snild Snow Fields

Western Ravine #1: Abyssal Blight

The Western Ravine area in Wesderath doesn’t have a map at all. However, you can reach it by using the western exit of Villind Plateaus. The closest savepoint is called “Outside the Western Ravine” because it can’t be more obvious than that.

Sao Al Wesdgtc 5a

Anyway, from your starting location, head west towards the bridge.

Sao Al Wesdgtc 5b

Turn left at the bridge and cross it all the way to the opposite side. See that ruined tower?

Sao Al Wesdgtc 5c

The golden treasure chest is just behind that.

Reward: Abyssal Blight (dagger) – +54 damage; +33 Sacred Arts damage; “Sense Danger” perk (+30% critical resist and -5% cooldown time).

Sao Al Wesdgtc 5d

Western Ravine #2: Hemp Whip

Make your way back to the other end of the bridge and keep heading west.

Sao Al Wesdgtc 6a

The chest is close by and you can’t miss it.

Reward: Hemp Whip – +56 damage. That’s it.

Just because the whip is made of hemp doesn’t mean whoever put it in that chest is smoking funny cigarettes. Its real purpose for being in this area, in all actuality, is so you could cross the gaps and make your way to Vallanthor’s boss fight arena.

Sao Al Wesdgtc 6b

Keep heading west and you’ll eventually spot an object that’ll let you use your whip’s “Catch Move” skill to cross.

Sao Al Wesdgtc 6c

Follow the mountain pass and you’ll reach a grey chest that’s guarded by spiders. Kill them all and you’ll get a Gale Incarnation attachment/mod (temporary invulnerability when you execute a perfect step).

Sao Al Wesdgtc 6d

From here, you’ll cross another gap using “Catch Move” and then Vallanthor the Dragon’s roost is in the area beyond. Anyway, that’s not our concern, for now, so let’s just find the golden treasure chests in Snild Snow Fields.

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