Those delightful Drow have been added to Sword Coast Legends as playable characters as part of the ‘Community Pack Two‘ patch. Among other things, picking Dark Elven heritage will give you access to the ‘Faerie Fire’ and ‘Darkness’.

Players can also opt to worship ‘Lolth the Spider Queen’ now, if that seems like a good idea. I mean, why would you not worship a Spider Queen?

Other highlights of this Sword Coast Legends update include a load more place-able objects and effects for creative Dungeon Masters to use (170 of them, apparently), and a new Hardcore difficulty option.

Players have reported running into a bug with this update which loads up their character at level 1. According to this Steam post, the solution to that is ‘using the Restore option from the main pause menu after you update Steam’.

Here are some additional bugs which have been fixed (rather than added) by the patch, followed by a video.

Bug Fixes:

  • The player stash will no longer devour player items
  • We forced the new Sabre-Hide Grizzly boss to eat lettuce for a week. As a result he can now fit through doors
  • Fixed a collision issue in Drow boss tile
  • Fixed item: Sunrise Cloak from using Favored Enemy
  • Fixed camera issues in the Grasslands S tile
  • Selecting an object closes the blade menu
  • Zoom should once again work properly during character creation
  • Fixed the double-fade that would occur after sparing a certain enemy’s life during the story campaign
  • Fixed a delay that occurred while talking to a certain halfling in the warehouse during the story campaign
  • Quest marker has been added to Ship Rethnor Sailor home on minimap
  • The texture on entrance/exit to slums has been fixed
  • Bodies in Slaver’s Hideout no longer disappear after leaving and returning
  • Fixed various “double fade” bugs in the main story campaign.
  • And many more!

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