Syndicated: cyberpunk strategy Satellite Reign heads to Kickstarter


Satellite Reign

You can surely trust a man named Mike Diskett. After all, he’s almost named after an early data storage device. That, and he was the creator of Syndicate Wars. He’s also been involved with various other Bullfrog games like Theme Park and the original Syndicate.

Diskett and his new 5 Lives studio want to get back to that Syndicate model; the dystopian, cyberpunk city where amoral agents go about their mysterious business. That’s where Satellite Reign comes in.

The short version of this £350,000 GBP-seeking Kickstarter is probably “look, we want to make another Syndicate but we don’t have the rights to that name.” Beyond that, there are enticing buzzword phrases like “emergent gameplay” and an AI that will “react uniquely to your actions.” It seems a touch of the Molyneux has rubbed off on Mr. Diskett, because these are quite bold promises.

Amorality appears to still be in place in Satellite Reign, with it apparently being down to the player whether he or she wishes to use the agents to push a citizens revolt or simply to take power. Based on the concept art and early, in-engine mock-ups, the recognisable camera angle of Syndicate has been maintained.

Watch the pitch video below to decide whether you want to chip in with (say) £16.00 GBP to grab a digital copy of the game on release.