Final Demo For System Shock Remake Arrives February With Pre Orders (2)

Nightdive Studios has been busy with plenty of work lately. Fans of the System Shock franchise have likely kept their eyes on the teams responsible for the remake of the classic System Shock as well as the enhanced sequel. We know VR controls will be a thing in System Shock 2, but the more pressing matters pertain to the System Shock remake release date and new demo. Now, we finally have some clarity moving forward.

In an update posted to Kickstarter, the studio revealed that PC preorders for the System Shock remake will start in February. Players will be able to get their hands on the game through Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. As an added bonus, anyone who preorders the game will get System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for free. The same goes for backers who pledged at the $30 USD level or more.


A complete package

If everything goes according to plan, fans will be able to play both the System Shock remake and its enhanced sequel at the same time. This is even though the scope of the second game has expanded quite substantially. All of the characters and weapon models will be remade, and plenty of mods that have improved the scene for the game will also be implemented.

Final Demo For System Shock Remake Arrives February With Pre Orders (1)

The full list of mods are as follows:

  • Vurt’s Space Textures, Flora, Hi-res Water, Organics/Goo
  • ACC’s Four Hundred (400) Hi-res Terrain Textures
  • Eldron’s Psi Amp
  • Olfred’s Fixed Objects
  • Grosnus’ Hi-Res Spinning Marine/Navy/OSA logos
  • SCP
  • ZylonBane’s New Quest Notifier
  • Vaxquis Vintage Song Remake v1.0 Mod
  • Mercurius’ Tacticool Weapon Replacements

Try before you buy

There will also be a final demo for the System Shock remake made available when preorders begin. You will be able to check out the medical and cyberspace levels. Look forward to experiencing full dismemberment, newly-recorded voice lines, and a ton of additional features and polish.

There are also a bunch of gameplay videos on the Kickstarter page, so be sure to check them out. Things are indeed shaping up nicely for the System Shock remake, and we will be sure to provide an update when the exact release date is known.

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