The System Shock remake will launch next March if its Steam page is to be believed

System Shock Remake March

The remake of System Shock by Nightdive Studios is seemingly aiming for a March 2023 launch according to its Steam page, which lists this window as its release date. This is far from a confirmation, though, and could likely be a placeholder for the real date. But then we have to wonder when we’ll see the actual release date.

System Shock‘s remake was announced in 2015, and since then, we’ve had snippets of gameplay here and there. There’s also a demo currently available, which takes you through a small portion of the game. But as far as the release date goes, it’s been a bit slippery. It was believed to be headed for a 2022 release date, but the March 2023 release date on its Steam page may indicate some kind of delay.


The remake has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the original, and from everything we’ve seen, it looks to be a faithful recreation of the classic System Shock experience. The sci-fi, horror-filled adventure against the rogue AI, SHODAN, is one that a lot of gamers today likely haven’t played. But considering how rudimentary the original game is these days, it’s not really a surprise. Either way, the System Shock remake looks to bring the classic adventure to modern players sometime in March.

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The future of System Shock

System Shock‘s upcoming remake is set to bring some life back to the series. However, it hasn’t been the only attempt at doing that. For starters, there’s been no word on System Shock 3 since March. And OtherSide Entertainment parted ways with its development back in 2019. Then there’s the live-action TV series that’s currently in the works. It’s an exciting idea, but, of course, all that matters is if they can pull it off. And considering the love that PC gamers have for the System Shock series, they’ll have a tough crowd to please.

The System Shock franchise is in a strange situation. We’ve got a game in development hell and a TV series still in the works. With that said, if March 2023 is the release window for the System Shock remake, then the franchise could make a comeback.

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