June 22nd, 2017

Tactical advance: Arma Tactics dated for Steam release

arma tactics

Bohemia Interactive has announced that Arma Tactics, the turn-based strategy spin-off of the Arma series, will be coming to PC via Steam on 1 October. That’s in just two weeks, in case you’re temporally impaired.

Arma Tactics was formerly an Android/iOS exclusive which has you control a four-man squad through both a set of story missions and a load of randomly generated areas with randomised objectives. You can stealth your way around or go in guns blazing, but you’ll likely have to adapt your tactics depending on who you’re facing – a militia will likely be a lot less organised then battle-hardened mercenaries, after all. Good thing there’s a levelling system that lets you improve the skills of your characters, eh?

The PC version will feature the expected upgrades, in terms of “you can play it with mouse and keyboard” and “it will look nicer.” Specifically, expect higher-detail textures, post-processing effects, light maps, enhanced shaders and shadows, and the like.

It’ll cost £5.99, but purchasing it now will apparently net you both a 15% discount (reducing the price to £5.09) and access to the game’s beta, which will apparently not have all of the shiny PC features.

Arma Tactics is due out on 1 October. Arma 3, conversely, is out already.

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