F1 2013 Review

Final race diary of Bruno PuntzJones (deceased.) Lap One: The grid. That’s where F1 2013 truly starts. Qualification orders the contenders, but the race will make them. My name is Bruno PuntzJones. I’m a full-time Formula One racer and erstwhile Kids in the Hall sketch character. One month ago I was plucked from obscurity and dropped … Read moreF1 2013 Review


F1 2013 PC Preview

It may be time for the State of Washington to revoke my driver’s license. After spending a few hours with Codemasters’ F1 2013 it’s painfully clear to me that I’m both unable to drive and a danger to other road users. Early on, it was a miracle if I even stayed on the road. As … Read moreF1 2013 PC Preview

Hot stuff: F1 2013 races a hotlap

F1 classic cars and drivers are coming to F1 2013 and a new video from Codemasters shows a hot lap around Jerez. Some handy racing tip commentary for all F1 enthusiasts is also included just for good measure.

Formulaic: F1 2013 announced

As expected, Codemasters has now revealed some details of this year’s F1 title which is due for release this autumn. The racer will be available as two editions, the standard  F1 2013 and F1 2013: Classic Editions include content from the 1980s and 1990s with additional “classic” tracks and drivers F1 fans will know and … Read moreFormulaic: F1 2013 announced