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Wasteland 2 owners all get a free GOTY upgrade

I genuinely can’t remember if this information has been announced previously, but it’s probably worth reminding Wasteland 2 owners that they’ll get the new edition for free. “All previous crowdfunding backers and any purchasers of…

By: Peter Parrish

Wasteland 2’s combat video pits Rangers against robots

Wasteland 2’s General Vargas is a fictional fellow, but he nonetheless donates his voice to this instructional video about in-game combat. As an introduction, the trailer demonstrates a bit of character creation, picking some smart…

By: Peter Parrish

Wasteland 2 Beta Impressions

I was one of the 32,781 people to woft $15.00 USD gently in the direction of Wasteland 2 when it first showed up on Kickstarter, which means I’ve now got access to the game’s beta…

By: Peter Parrish