New Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer released

A brand new trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been released and it looks great.

The trailer gives us more insight into the story and shows us exactly what Talion is fighting for in his quest for vengeance. The trailer makes it clear that this isn’t a game for kids and it looks like there’s some very mature themes going on here. As much as I loved Lego Lord of the Rings I think a darker Tolkien game will be great. Make the jump to check out the trailer.

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New Thief 101 Trailer And New Details

A new trailer for Thief has been released along with a new blog post by Eidos producer Stephane Roy. In his post on, Stephane announced that “after litres of coffee and buckets of sweat” Thief was finally finished and is ready for its release date later this month.

The epic new trailer gives us great insight into how the game will play and what we can expect to do once we get our own copies. The trailer first sets the scene by showing us a desolate town that is oppressed by those who rule it. The only person who can save it is the reluctant master thief, Garrett. From here we are shown many of the features that will appear in the game such as using the shadows to hide yourself, making use of different arrows to act as both weapons and tools to clear your path, and using your climbing abilities to outmaneuver guards. The trailer also reveals that whilst killing your enemies is certainly an option, you can complete the entire game without taking a single life.

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