Is Just Cause 3 coming in 2015?

Ever since the release of the awesomely fun Just Cause 2 back in 2010, we’ve all been hoping for a sequel. Now with the next gen being on our hands, how awesome could Just Cause 3 be with that kind of power behind it? Well it seems like our prayers might be answered.

Avalanche Studios founder and creative chief, Christopher Sundberg has listed an unannounced action sandbox game on his LinkedIn profile which is supposedly created by Avalanche Studios New York and published by Square Enix. Sundberg describes the project as a “new installment in a very well-known game series. The game … is scheduled for completion in June 2015 for next-generation console platforms.”

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Dark Souls 2 Engine Was Created With Next Gen In Mind

In an interview with IGN, Ando-san, a programmer at From Software. revealed that the engine being used for Dark Souls 2 was designed with the Xbox One and PS4 in mind. He said: “We always had in mind the next generation, such as DirectX11 and next generation hardware when creating our technology, and also challenged ourselves as programmers to simultaneously create for the new generation,”

Although Dark Souls is essentially a fantasy game, the developers were keen for it to be grounded in reality. Ando-san explained: The thing we prioritized when re-creating our engine was, as a concept, taking the graphics to a more photo-realistic look, and in order to fulfill this, we had decided to discard our old engine and create a new one.”

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