Screenshots of Titafall’s DLC maps released, plus Xbox 360 update

It has been announced that DLC for Titanfall is due this month and it will include three brand new maps for players to wage war upon each other. The map pack includes War Games, Swampland, and Runoff and will cost $9.99 as a stand alone buy or free if you purchased the $24.99 Season Pass.

Respawn have revealed some new screenshots of each map to give you a taster of what sort of terrain you’ll be fighting upon. In other Titanfall news, Respawn have revealed that an update for the Xbox 360 version of the game is now live. The studio said: “The patch can take up to 4 hours to roll out on the servers, so it will take longer for some 360 users to get the update.”

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Don’t Expect Fallout 4 Anytime Soon

Despite an intense amount of fan speculation and many rumours, Bethesda game director Todd Howard told Rock, Paper, Shotgun that the company will not be discussing the game for some time.

When asked whether or not the studio had any time frame in mind for an announcement, Howard replied: “We don’t,…But I think it’s gonna be a while.”

“We’ve gotten fairly used to all the questions and curiosity over the years,” he added: “Everyone wants information. Right now, we’re just trying to figure out which of our ideas are going to stick and finding an appropriate time to talk about it.”

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