Golftopia Futuristic Course Design

Have you ever wanted to play a retro-futuristic golf management sim tower defense pinball hybrid? Of course you have. And in early 2020, you’re going to get your dream with the launch of GolfTopia.

In GolfTopia you get to build the golf course of the future, complete with hoverboards, transport tubes, ball teleporters, and laser defenses. You will have complete control over the design of your course. So if your dream is to build the most nightmarishly tough course ever conceived to torment your guests, then go right ahead.

It’s like miniature golf, but not miniature at all

In GolfTopia you’ll be responsible for placing every tee and every hole. You can get creative on the course with bumpers, fans, launchers, and teleporters. The very earth itself can be molded to your will. So, if you want to stick a mountain in the middle of the fairway or build a moat around a hole, that’s up to you. The power will go to your head, guaranteed.

Once you’ve designed the golf course to end all golf courses, visiting golfers will come to scrutinize your every decision. They have over 100 thoughts, complaints, and compliments to share with you, whether you want to hear them or not. You’ll need to try your best to keep them happy, fed, and hydrated as they make their way around the course. If you can make them happy enough, visiting golfers will become prestigious members.

But opinionated golfers aren’t the only thing you need to worry about in GolfTopia. You also have to defend your work of art from ill-tempered foliage hellbent on annoying your guests and destroying your masterpiece. Thankfully, you have access to technological marvels such as laser turrets and robotic workers.

Golftopia Creative Holes

Who doesn’t want a flaming hoop, with a fan and some pinball bumpers on a hole?

GolfTopia is available to wishlist on Steam ahead of its release next year.

For another extremely wacky take on golf, check our recent review of What the Golf.

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