Take a look at over 20 new screenshots of Hyrule Warriors


Hyrule Warriors is an upcoming hack and slash game that will combine the Zelda franchise with the well known Dynasty Warriors games. Hyrule Warriors is being co-developed by Zelda’s developer, Nintendo and the Dynasty Warriors developer, Tecmo Koei. The game will star Link as a soldier in training as he must fight in huge battles that will be familiar to fans of the Dynasty Warriors series. Today over 20 new screenshots were released for the game and you can check them out below.

gal_01 gal_02 gal_03 gal_04 gal_05 gal_06 gal_07 gal_08 gal_09 gal_10 gal_11 gal_12 gal_13 gal_14 gal_15 gal_16 gal_17 gal_18 gal_19 gal_20 gal_21 gal_22 gal_23 gal_24 gal_25 gal_26 gal_27Hyrule Warriors is due for release on August 14th in japan but so far there’s no word on a European or North American release date. The game will be exclusive to the Wii U.

Source: GameCIty