New Take Two Interactive Patent Targets Improved Virtual World Simulation (2)

Open-world games are now a staple of our gaming diet, but they are not without shortfalls. While we all long for giant, immersive worlds that feel lived in, it can sometimes be the opposite, especially with unrealistic NPCs milling about. However, if a new Take-Two Interactive patent is to be realized, that could all change for the better. Could this be what awaits in the next entry of the Grand Theft Auto franchise? We can only hope.

The new filing, titled “System And Method For Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment,” targets the way things move in simulated worlds. There is some technical stuff in there, but the gist is easily understood.


The Take-Two Interactive patent touches on how navigation currently works in today’s games. Pathfinding is usually achieved through linked nodes and governed by pre-programmed instructions. However, the limitations of these systems are clear, and there are a variety of ways that things can go wrong.

Cars that wander about can easily cause mayhem without taking into account when conditions change. Traffic, weather, or even just space can cause these systems to muck up and pull players out of the immersion.

New Take Two Interactive Patent Targets Improved Virtual World Simulation (1)

Making a better world

This is where the patent comes in, as Take-Two wants to create an improved system.

That would be achieved through plenty of hard work and ingenuity, but for the sake of our less-advanced understanding, it relies heavily on the cloud. Offloading most of the virtual navigation to the cloud will be the key. If the nuts and bolts interest you, be sure to check out the patent’s explanation for yourself. It is some heavy stuff.

New Take Two Interactive Patent Targets Improved Virtual World Simulation (3)

That said, if the Take-Two Interactive patent can achieve what it sets out to do, that will be perfect. Outdoor worlds that feel more believable, traffic will make more sense, and there will be more reasons for players to explore and take in the sights. Whether that will make it for GTA 6 is a whole other question.

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