June 19th, 2017

Take2 orders GTA:Multiplayer GTA V project to shut down

Take2 orders GTA:Multiplayer GTA V project to shut down

GTA:Multiplayer for GTA V sounded like it would be a popular “mod” for the game but the team behind it has been ordered by Take2 to cease any further development .

In a farewell post on the GTA:MP website, the team behind the project explained what was happening:

“Take2 Interactive Inc. have contacted us and they asked us to stop GTA:Multiplayer, because from Take2’s point of view GTA:MP is a rival of their business. Grand Theft Auto and all its content is produced by Rockstar Games Inc. and published and owned by Take2 Interactive Inc. We, as developers, respect other developer’s intellectual property and their legitimate interests. Rockstar’s developers have invested so much time to create this beautiful game. We have repeatedly stated our position: We are not going to cross this line, we won’t damage them.”

GTA:MP looked interesting and it’s surprising how long it’s taken Take2 to enforce any action as it allows for dedicated servers and custom game modes.

The fact that the project would allow server owners to provide custom modes and a massive amount of gameplay possibilities is not something Take2 will have been keen on. Take2 want to keep players on their servers GTA: Online and ultimately keep selling the Shark Card currency to support their own service.

The team behind the project say they had support from Rockstar but it’s Take2 that’s taking action.

“This may sound now that we never got supported and everything is a lie. If you think so now, that’s not true. We were in contact with Rockstar Games and got feedback from them. But you have to see that Take2 Interactive Inc. is the publisher and Rockstar Games only the developer.

“We have never endorsed piracy, infact we encouraged the buying of the game and never touched Rockstar Social Club as other modifications did or still do.”

Since GTA V was released on PC modding has not exactly been encouraged and perhaps if this had appeared a few years down the line when the player base had moved on then Take2 would have let it slide.

The closure of the project has upset players who are dissatisfied with GTA: Online and it looks like any similar projects will suffer a similar fate.

The video (also see the GTA: MP channel) below shows an example of what they were planning. It’s a real shame to see this shelved but it’s also not surprising.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Em_ptySkin

      Bummer, I would have played on custom servers (the official ones suck), but as it stands now everyone I know has already uninstalled GTA V. The online portion of the game is a ‘keeping up with the jones’ model of economy. Everything is incredibly expensive (relative to the SP game), the payoffs for heists and everything else are small (relative to the SP game); it’s clearly setup to hawk microtransactions which suck the fun out of games; the incentives that create “fun” are changed and a game becomes, I see it, a rather inhumane farm where people pay outrageous sums of money for the license to use certain lines of code (which change the appearance of your hat!).

      Honestly, who enjoys playing games that are setup through consulting with addiction psychologists and gambling algorithms?

    • flashpoint

      and here I was gonna buy another GTA copy for my Steam account. (I am a Steam hours, and achievement whore). But since GTA-MP is not happening, whats the point of spending my hard earned money. :/

    • Dmitrix

      It’s funny how – I bought 6-8 different copies to my friends in order to play GTA:MP (that’s around 120-200 bucks) and there are loads of people (around 80-100) who BOUGHT the game JUST to play on GTA:MP , I even heard people who owned PIRATED GTA V’s (since it was hard for them to get cash) end up saving up money over the weeks/month – JUST to purchase a legal copy and play on GTA:MP

      If you ask me, Two-Take / Rockstars should be thankful to GTA:MP team for their doing, for supporting their game and increasing their wallets, rather just “OH you are stealing money, you guys are competition , screw you – we are taking you down, our private investigator did the job”.

      Define me your investigator – did he google “GTA V alternative multiplayer mod” or did he actually join the GTA:MP forums, checked the topics out – spoke to the developer(s) and ran through few discussions with them – and came to a sensible verdict – OR was it just “GTA:Online is life, GTA:Online is love – screw all the other MP’s”.

      Blast from the past.
      You remember GTA:SA? (San Andreas – the 10 year old game?)
      Guess what – its still popular THANKS to MP , you got MTA (Multi-Theft-Auto) and SA:MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) and they got over 100.000 players playing it (numbers are higher than PayDay 2 / Arma 3’s playerlist – a 10 year old game).

      So now you wanna tell me alternative MP is bad? Side-multiplayer alternative is A LOT better than crappy GTA:O (no offence) – GTA:O is filled with hackers, and its just a free-DM spree. MP lets people join different type of servers where they got different type of modes – racing servers / role-play servers (which is really fun), Death-Match servers and so on and on.

      Wish I’d get a straight-face-to-face explanation if GTA:MP is really bad, or somebody is just being greedy and cocky.

      Good to know that Two-Take / Rockstar ,shits on the little guys. Fucking disgrace.

    • Lazerbeak

      They should open the game to the pubic so they can run their own servers

    • XPC-Werty

      SIGN THE PETITION AGAINST TAKE2’s decision HERE: https://www.change.org/p/take-two-interactive-software-gta-mp-votez-pour-l-autorisation-du-mod-multijoueur?source_location=petitions_s

      Share this!!!


    • Lazerbeak

      I not to clarify will the multiplayer still work?