September 5th, 2017

Tales from the Borderlands told in new screenshots

Tales from the Borderlands - 04

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these screenshots for story-driven Tales from the Borderlands probably cover the first two episodes.

Telltale’s adventure-y take on the Borderlands universe has today received a bundle of new screens. You can see dual protagonists Rhys and Fiona (and their “smash cards”), scary corporate man Hugo Vasquez, “best friend” Vaughn, THE STRANGER, a bandit attack, aaaaand… a loaderbot. Which seems to have some sort of equipment choice thing going on. I’m kind of intrigued by that, actually, insofar as “increases max health” and “grants immunity to burn damage” sort of indicates that part of the branching story might actually come down to equipment loadouts, and that’s a pretty neat way of keeping things Borderlands.

Tales from the Borderlands – or at least, its first episode – is due out later this year, after The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us conclude. Screenshots below.

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