December 8th, 2017

Tales Of Monkey Island Episode 2 Screens

LucasArts and TellTale Games have released a batch of new screens from the next episode in the Tales of Monkey Island series.

The first episode in the series, Lunch of the Screaming Narwhal saw Guybrush back on Flotsam Island after accidentally turning the evil pirate LeChuck into a human while cursing his own hand in the process. He then found a new ship and vowed to rescue his wife Elaine from LeChuck, only for events to take a surprising turn.

Episode 2, The Siege of Spinner Cay continues the five part series and sees Guybrush coming to the defence of the innocent Mer-People who are being attacked by pox-ridden pirates. The episode is due for release on PC and Wii on 20 August.Find out what we thought of the first episode here.

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