Tales of Symphonia PC release is a mess – patch released

Tales of Symphonia PC release is a mess – patch released

Bandai Namco has just released Tales of Symphonia and once again it’s a terrible PC port.

Since the game launched on Steam yesterday it’s immediately apparent that Bandai Namco has done little to make this a worthy PC version. Visually it looks terrible, a locked 30 FPS framerate, a bad port from an already inferior PS3 version, terrible PC control support, crashing and more. Yes, this is a bit of a mess.

Durante has carried out some work to fix the resolution with a preliminary GeDoSaTo plugin and you can check out his notes on that here.

Bandai Namco has released a first patch which doesn’t really address any of the major problems:

Bug Fixes

  • Added VC++2013 redist to the installer config.
  • Launching the game should allow this to install properly.
  • Log File Writing error
  • The game will no longer attempt to write to the C: drive.
  • Save & Customize Menu delay (Windows 7)
  • The save and customize menu should no longer delay 10 – 40 seconds upon opening.


  • Implemented various localization fixes to the menu
  • Relocated localization file
  • No longer editable

With more and more old games now being ported to Steam, PC gamers should be wary about pre-ordering. This is a prime example of a developer not really giving a toss before releasing the PC version.

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