Tamer Saga is a browser-based anime-style RPG brought by PopPace. In the fairy-tale world of Tamer Saga, players are able to act as adventurers to experience the thrilling storyline and explore the vast fantastic world. After players came back from hunting for the treasures under the ocean and dating with mummies in the ancient Egypt, they can select to sneak into the King’s Tomb and have a glimpse at the mysterious grave there.

King’s Tomb is located outside the peaceful Sunset Village. The local people consider it as a forbidden place. That’s why the nearby is sparsely populated. The tomb was built extremely well due to its land area and architectural technology. Although King’s Tomb is long neglected and in disrepair, this royal cemetery garden still perfectly displays its prestige and great solemnity.

Weeds grow rankly near this tomb. Here, players may come across Death Clows, Grave Robbers, Reapers and Nightmare everywhere. Obviously, even the air is filled with the feeling of cold and wet. The whole King’s Tomb is very ghastly and bloodcurdling. Even so, nothing can stop a group of greedy, crazy ghouls who have been degenerated under the temptation of money. The legend says that the owner of this tomb used to be a great emperor who loved to collect priceless treasures from all parts of the world. After he died, all of his collection has been buried with his corpse forever. Legions of thieves took up the positions of the fallen and rose to explore this direful grave. However, nobody can escape unscathed in front of those horrible ghosts. Can you? We will see…

PopPace team is pulling out all stops to add more attractive, interesting systems into the game. Join Tamer Saga now to experience brand new systems by yourself. Visit https://www.poppace.com/ to learn more about PopPace and visit https://tsapp.poppace.com/hd.php to enjoy Tamer Saga in HD version.

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