BioShock Infinite devil's kiss

Yes, it’s really $600.00 USD.

If you want to own a piece of BioShock Infinite’s world and have a ridiculous amount of disposable income, then Irrational’s decision to sell a limited run of “Devil’s Kiss” vigor bottles may be of interest. That’s the one which makes all the flesh fall off your arms when you drink it, but also gives you the ability to lob balls of fire.

This replica version probably won’t have that effect. In fact I’d be surprised if there’s any liquid inside it at all. It does, however, look just like the in-game version, with the nudie devil lady on the top and everything.

There are 500 of the standard Devil’s Kiss vigors selling for $350.00 USD apiece (yikes) and 50 special ones signed by Ken Levine that will set you back $600.00 USD (even more yikes.)

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