Team Meat, the duo behind Super Meat Boy, had a few choice words about Microsoft’s marketing and promotional support for their title at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
According to Eurogamer, Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen pulled no punches in outlining Microsoft’s broken promises.
Super Meat Boy launched as an Xbox 360 exclusive, as part of last October’s “Game Feast” promotion through Xbox LIVE (before later coming to other gaming platforms.) In return for this timed exclusivity, Microsoft had reportedly promised the developers a top billing on the console’s dashboard spotlight. But on launch day there was no sign of any promotion for the game.
“It finally went up half way through our launch day. It was the number four spot; it wasn’t number one,” Refenes told the Conference. “An ad for a Mazda 3 was the number two slot – because you all go on Xbox to figure out what car you want, right?”
Team Meat’s game stayed in the number four slot for the rest of the week – a week which Super Meat Boy did not have to itself, despite another promise from Microsoft that each “Game Feast” title would have a clear release schedule for seven days.
“We were just like ‘What the fuck? Everyone else gets a free week except for us?,'” Refenes said.
Even with these promotional issues, however, Super Meat Boy managed to sell well. Refenes revealed that the game is nearing 400,000 sales on all platforms, with a 55-45 split in favour of the PC over Xbox.

Paul Younger
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