I’d be lying if I said this update about Mew-Genics, the next game from Team Meat, told us anything more about the mechanics of the title (which are still basically unknown). On the other hand, it does inform me that one of the five main characters will be a moustachioed ‘party gurl’ called Mr. Tinkles. That’s valuable knowledge.

Shut up, yes it is.

The other character revealed in the first of Team Meat’s ‘Caturday’ updates is a chap named Dr. Beanies. As you can see from his picture, he’s kind of nervous about cats.

But why? And what role will cats play in this game anyway? I don’t know. I’m sorry. I really wish I did.

Expect the other three characters to be revealed in due course. Then we might start learning what the heck this is all about (and, given Team Meat’s track record for the disturbing, perhaps wish we could go back to not knowing).

Source: Team Meat

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