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As we move on from the dumpster fire that was 2020 and into 2021, some game developers are taking time to look forward. In particular, the talented folks at Koei Tecmo all got together to share their thoughts on what next year holds in store for games. While a lot of what these devs talked about will likely stay on consoles or not receive an English translation at all, there were a few standouts. Chief among them were comments from Fumihiko Yasuda, the producer of the Nioh games and the brand chief at Team Ninja. Yasuda hinted at multiple new releases from the studio next year.

Yasuda’s comments, translated by 4gamer, mainly focused on the upcoming re-releases of the Nioh games. On February 5, 2021, Nioh RemasteredNioh 2 Remastered, and The Nioh Collection will all launch simultaneously for the PlayStation 5. Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition will also release on PC the same day, with support for 4K, ultra-widescreen monitors, HDR, and 144Hz. That being said, the framerate for the game will apparently be limited to 120fps. Nioh 1 arrived on PC this past November as Nioh: Complete Edition.


What’s coming from Team Ninja

Looking towards the future though, Yasuda seemed excited but restrained. “We are also preparing several new titles for Team Ninja in 2021, so please look forward to it,” said Yasuda.

Of course, it’s difficult to say what new titles Yasuda could have been referring to. Team Ninja has its hands in a lot of franchises beyond Nioh. The development team has also worked on the Ninja Gaiden franchise, as well as on multiple Dead or Alive games. It’s anybody’s guess what the Team Ninja could be releasing next year, although it’s almost guaranteed that there’ll be a lot to play.

Nioh 2

Of course, the bigger question here is how many of these potential titles will be coming to PC. At the moment, I feel comfortable saying there’s a good chance that any games Team Ninja works on will end up releasing on PC. Koei Tecmo has made it clear that it’s pushing hard into the PC gaming market. With the confirmed release of Nioh 2 on PC, there’s little reason to doubt future Team Ninja titles won’t join it.

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