Teamfight Tactics Pc roster changes

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.22 is the preseason patch. These changes are in preparation for the Rise of the Elements update on its way to the entirety of League. No champion numbers have been tuned as they’re all on their way out. If you have a favorite build, this is your last chance to indulge.


The Hextechs didn’t last long in TFT.

Bigger board, bigger brains

The most impactful change is the additional row of hexes added to the board. Competitive players should attune themselves to the 7 new spaces to strategize before ranked play starts again. Another major change comes in the form of a quality-of-life change to the carousel; Little Legends now pass through each other if one has picked a champion. Additionally, the overall amount of champions in the pool has been decreased. Limited availability of champions means that tracking opponents’ build paths is now a necessary aspect of gameplay. There was also a minor nerf/buff to early/late-game player damage, a change to the status of summoned units at the end of a round, as well as alterations to tier-dependent mana growth.

Item changes

Well-thought-out strategies receive another buff with the removal of the Cursed Blade. No more shrinking 3-star units for cheesy wins. There were additional recipe changes to Runaan’s Hurricane, Inferno’s Cinder, Mage’s Cap, Warden’s Mail, Talisman of Light, and Berserker’s Axe. Item drop rates have also been modified, the highlights being a decrease in the frequency of Spatulas and additional orb drops from Epic PvE rounds.

Dragon’s Claw users will feel a .25% hit to its magic reduction, and Spatula items no longer give double stats but are still worth building to satisfy a trait bonus. There was also a 100 health nerf to Guardian Angel’s revival effect and minor nerfs to Ionic Spark, Luden’s Echo, and Recurve Bow. Rabadon’s Deathcap gets the only noteworthy buff with a .25% increase to its ability power amplification. Hand of Justice, Chain Vest, Giant’s Slayer, Negatron Cloak, and Thief’s Gloves all receive slight boosts.

If you’re curious about a particular change, check out the complete Teamfight Tactics patch 9.22 notes. Players who get the most out of this update will focus on item builds and champion placement. Improvement in those two aspects puts them ahead of the curve for the new season on its way.

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