September 5th, 2017

Techies appear in Dota 2’s The International 4 All-Star match

dota 2 techies ingame

Okay, that was something. Techies have appeared for the first time in Dota 2, as played by Arteezy, in Dota 2‘s The International 4 All-Star match.

The All-Star match puts professional players into a match against each other, which generally means “teammates against teammates.”  Team rOTk has Puppey (Na’Vi), s4 (Alliance), BurNing (DK), N0tail/BigDaddy (Fnatic), and Ferrari_430 (Invictus), all of whom are facing off against team XBOCT – Dendi (Na’Vi), Loda (Alliance), iceiceice (DK), Arteezy (EG), and Chuan (Invictus).

And, obviously, it’s complete chaos because nobody is taking it seriously. Abaddon, Magnus, Lone Druid, Pudge, and Legion Commander, against Tiny, Spirit Breaker, Phoenix, Tusk, and… Techies. With lots of trash-talking from both teams, lots of insane Spirit Breaker charges, lots of ridiculous dives and unbelievably silly teamfights, and Techies blowing themselves up. It’s great, basically. 40 kills at 10 minutes. It’s maybe not the best showcase of Techies you’ll ever see, but as they’re one of the most-requested heroes, it’s a pretty big deal.

There is a prize for this, but it’s not quite the $1 million USD and Aegis you get for winning the tournament. Instead… it’s cheese. Which, weirdly, I don’t remember seeing with the third Aegis back at TI3. Volvo pliz fix.

You can watch the match in progress right now by clicking on over to the Dota 2 The International 4 stream. I’m going to guess that Techies are really close to being finished, and we’ll likely be seeing them hit the game itself fairly soon.

dota 2 techies reveal

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