September 5th, 2017

Techies hit Dota 2 RIGHT NOW

dota 2 techies update

Dear everybody: Techies are now on Dota 2. That is all.

Dota 2 has just been given a whopping 527MB patch, adding in everyone’s favourite set of goblin demolitionists. Time to stop playing All Pick, everyone!

Thankfully, this patch also comes with a lot of other bits and pieces forĀ Dota 2 – All Random Deathmatch mode, A-Z Challenge support (in the form of All-Hero Challenge), a Gallery of Triumphs full of mini-achievements for you to complete, a variety of Compendium rewards, and lots of hats to buy. You can have a look at the full details over on this post, because seriously, sod reiterating that stuff again. I’m looking forward to giving ARDM a try, myself, and I eagerly await the opportunity to get annoyed at people trying to do the All-Hero Challenge with carry Io. On the plus side, early days of Techies might mean some free MMR in Ranked! And also some free losses from Techies feed. Weep.

TheĀ Dota 2 patch should automatically download the next time you sign onto Steam. Good luck, everyone, and remember: having a gem doesn’t stop you being murdered by mines placed at the top of stairs. You still have to move up there to get vision, after all…

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