September 5th, 2017

Techies now playable in the Dota 2 Test Client

Dota 2 Techies - 01

The Techies aren’t coming to Dota 2 until next week, but you can get some practice in now if you download the Test Client.

Techies have been added to the Dota 2 Test Client in a 500mb patch, which means that you can play as the evil little sods right now if you want to. I just did that, and now I feel like a hideous troll. And all I was killing were bots!

So let’s reiterate, quickly, what the Techies do. You’ve got automatic mines that explode when things move near them (after a short delay), and these do composite damage which means they hit towers. Or you can just mine the shit out of the jungle and side shop and secret shop and laugh whenever anyone goes near them. You’ve got stasis traps that stun enemies that walk near them… which synergise quite well with any other stun. You’ve got a suicide ability that has a seriously lengthy cooldown, but halves your respawn time and murders the hell out of any nearby enemies. And, of course, you’ve got remote mines that you can trigger at will, which are also evil. Weep.

On the downside, Techies have a laughable base damage of 30, and at 270 movement speed they’re even slower than Crystal “swift as the wolves of Icewrack, which ” Maiden. A pretty long attack range – 700, which is a little shorter than Sniper with two points of Take Aim – but yeah, that 30 base damage means enemies will barely be tickled if you actually attack them.

So yes, if you want to try your hand at Techies rather than feed mercilessly when they hit the main Dota 2 client next week, go download the Dota 2 Test Client now.

Also, bots say “Good luck, have fun” now, which is just weird. And they’re apparently pretty good with Axe, too, considering he managed a double kill pretty quickly.

Dota 2 Techies - 03

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