Last year, Techland released a few snippets of information about a ‘Dark Fantasy’ themed title dubbed ‘Project Hell.’ That development now has a proper name, Hellraid, and a few more details pertaining to it.

    For a start, it now has an official site. That’s here if you want to take a gander.

    There’ll be a hack-n-slash-tastic single player campaign, plus a co-op multiplayer mode for up to four players. Ranged weapons and magic are in, but I’m getting the sense that melee (much like in Techland’s Dead Island) may well be the focus here. According to a first dev blog on the site, precision and timing will be necessary if you want to survive.

    It’s promising “exploration, looting, questing, weapon crafting, boss fights, armor customization, character development [and] leaderboards” on top of that, so … expect all of those in some form.

    Hellraid is due “later this year.”

    Peter Parrish

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