Bound by Flame developers Spiders have officially announced Technomancer, a cyberpunk RPG set in a dystopian Mars.

Your character, the Technomancer is described so:

On the run from the Secret Police and confronted by the harsh realities of the Red Planet, you must undertake a quest that takes you through tribal communities, cities lost under the ice, and dystopian shanties sprawled across Mars’ dusty embrace.

The game also promises these features:

  • A unique and thrilling science-fiction RPG experience set on the Red Planet.
  • Bond with numerous unique and interesting companions and reveal secrets about their past.
  • Manage their inventory and level up your companions.
  • Up to five different endings for many quests changing the conclusions and rewards – even the people you’ll meet and journey with!
  • A dynamic crafting system that changes the visual appearance of weapon and armor.
  • Play as a Technomancer – a combat proficient warrior with use of cybernetically enhanced magical abilities.

Technomancer is coming in 2016 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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