Tekken 7 punching to PC in 2017

Tekken 7 punching to PC in 2017

Tekken 7 will be punching, kicking, and generally make a mess of people’s faces on PC next year.

Tekken 7 was trailed at the Xbox conference, but we weren’t quite sure if it was coming to the PC or not, so we held off on writing about it for a little bit. (After all, it’s not like we’ve got any shortage of stuff to write about.) Bandai Namco have now told us that, yes, Tekken 7 will be hitting the PC.

Tekken 7 will offer up 30 characters, including Akuma from Street Fighter, and will conclude the story of the Mishima family feud. It’s being made in Unreal Engine 4, so it should look awfully pretty, and it’s due out in early 2017.

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