An Elden Ring mod for Tekken 7 impresses even the creator

Ranni the witch from Elden Ring / Tekken Elden Ring Mod

The characters of Elden Ring can now go at it thanks to an impressive Tekken 7 mod. The mod, created by Ultraboy, allows PC players to take control of eight characters from FromSoftware’s latest action RPG. These include Radahn, Ranni the Witch, Alexander the Iron Fist, Melina, and even the horrifying lobster. The mod is so impressive that famous Tekken director and producer, Katsuhiro Harada, felt the need to go on Twitter and announce that it isn’t an official creation.

On Twitter, Harada said, “I was the production general manager in charge of Elden, so it’s not irrelevant … it’s ridiculously well-made mod but plz stop it lol.” In further tweets with fans, he clarifies his reasoning behind the statement. He explains that “many people who think this is official one or make various understandings and contact us.”


It’s clear that Harada has concerns about potential misunderstandings with fans. But on a lighter note, he also took the time to post a humorous image of Hidetaka Miyazaki throwing a playful punch at him.

Elden Ring is getting plenty of mods too

Elden Ring has appeared in Tekken 7 as a creative mod, and modders have been enjoying bringing new content to the FromSoftware game too. Modders have already added in a mod that allows players to pause the game at any time. That should add some welcome accessibility to the experience.

Mods have added some other welcome features to the game as well. For players who want to be a tourist in the Lands Between, there’s a photo mode mod that renders you invisible to enemies. Another mod adds a transmog system to the game, which lets players wear any armor they like without worrying about the stats. And, of course, modders have already added in a Thomas the Tank Engine skin over the Tree Sentinel’s mount.

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Radhan from Elden Ring in Tekken / Tekken Elden Ring Mod

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