Tekken Revolution Eliza 3

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada casually mentioned in his tweets that he is busy at work on four titles.

This is in response to the usual questions about fan requests for Tekken remakes, rereleases of older games, or new games. We know at least one of those games is Tekken Revolution, which Harada has already pointed out is not being treated as a regular release in the series. Source is after the jump.

More interestingly, he pointed out he still works on Soul Calibur titles occasionally. We never hear about this in an official capacity, but it’s possible those other titles are not Tekken related. Could he now be working directly on Smash Bros? Or a new title for Xbox One or Playstation 4? Or is he finally bringing Tekken to Steam, like he keeps saying he wants to? We hope to find out soon.

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