June 22nd, 2017

Teleglitch update adds a free arena mode

teleglitch (1)

Spooky top-down roguelike-survival horror Teleglitch has received a free update today, adding in an arena mode.

The arena mode is divided up into four “chapters” of challenges, each of which gives you a predefined set of weapons and asks you to either kill every enemy in your path or simply to survive for a certain amount of time. Probably not the best thing if you’re totally new to the game, but if you’re a hardened veteran then it seems like a solid reason to dive back into hell.

The update also tweaks a few other things, like “Added more stuff when starting from later levels,” and “Made war walkers a bit weaker.” You can read the update notes over here.

If you don’t have Teleglitch, then Teleglitch: Die More Edition is 66% off on Steam until 27 May. In UK pricing, that drops it to £3.06 – and considering Peter rather enjoyed it, that price might make it worth a punt.

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