tales from the borderlands

“Hello, I will be a person in the game.”

Well, this is kind of interesting. The pre-show word was that Telltale would be talking about a much-rumoured Game of Thrones project at the VGX, to the extent that this was the case during rehearsals. That may or may not all have been an elaborate bluff, because what has actually been announced so far is a Gearbox/Telltale collaboration called Tales From the Borderlands.

This is … well, you can probably guess what it is. It’s Borderlands characters (some new) in a Telltale style, episodic adventure game. Telltale is the lead developer on the title, which is due in 2014, with Gearbox providing assistance, additional art work and the like.

Since this would give Telltale three projects to work on (this, plus Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us,) maybe Game of Thrones isn’t happening after all. That would be rather a shame.

Update: Fear not, Game of Thrones is still happening. Telltale are going to be quite busy!

A short trailer accompanied the Tales From the Borderlands reveal, which you can see below. Co-host Joel McHale has also informed the world that the ‘X’ in VGX stands for Xenu. So now we know.

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