After announcing Walking Dead and Fables yesterday, Telltale completed its reveal process today with three other projects – most surprising of which is a revival of the King’s Quest series.
A Sierra staple throughout the 90s, King’s Quest will be returning to “multiple platforms.” Telltale’s Steve Allison expanded on this a little, saying “Much like we did with Tales of Monkey Island, we’re rebooting King’s Quest with all new episodic games and multiple series.” No futher detail was given, except that we can expect to hear more about this at E3 in June.
Grickle-fans will be interested to learn that Puzzle Agent 2, the sequel to the Graham Annable-guided Puzzle Agent, will be appearing on PC, PlayStation Network, Mac and iPad sometime this summer. The original will be getting a PSN release this spring.
Finally, Telltale has signed some kind of publishing agreement with Northern Ireland-based Straandlooper, which means its Hector: Badge of Carnage series will see a wider release. Following the point-and-click style affairs of the no-nonsense (and little actual sense) detective Hector, the episodes will be coming to PC, Mac and i-Thingies.
The first in the series, ‘We Negotiate With Terrorists’ was released by Straandlooper themselves for iPad and iPhone and came out in June 2010. Presumably Telltale will re-release this, rather than starting at episode 2.

Paul Younger
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