Telltale To Unveil New Series At E3

Telltale Games is due to show off a brand-new episodic game series at E3.The company has just hit the five-year mark, during which time they’ve released games based around a lot of hot properties, including Bone, CSI, Sam & Max, Strong Bad, and most recently Wallace & Gromit.”The episodic model has been incredibly rewarding from a business standpoint,” says Kevin Bruner, Telltale co-founder. “It used to be we only made two or three games a decade. At Telltale, we release a new game every month, which fosters greater creativity with the teams, and the customers get to enjoy more content on a regular basis.”The press release celebrating this anniversary contains a tantalising hint: “A new series in development will be announced at E3.”We’ve no idea what this might be, but the Telltale episodic games have generally been of a consistently high quality, so we’re looking forward to it nonetheless.Our congratulations go out to Telltale on this landmark. Here’s to the next five years.